Union Square

Union Square, ground 0 of the city of Cluj, 'houses' buildings that are impregnated with the city's history. The current Piața Unirii was the center of the medieval town.

In its entirity, Union Square is centered around the Church of St. Michael, one of the iconic sites of Cluj. St. Michael's Church was built in Gothic style, was completed in 1390 and has a length of 70 meters with a width of 80 meters.

In front of St. Michael's Church is the equestrian statue of King Matthias Corvinus, with his four generals. The statue was unveiled in 1902 and is the work of the artists János Fadrusz and Lajos Pákey.

Around Piața Unirii can be seen buildings with impressive architecture dating from the seventeenth century, such as the Bánffy Palace, Wass Palace, Rhédey Palace, Jósika Palace, Hintz House, etc.